About Investello: A Value Investing Learning Platform

Investello is a value investing analysis platform powered by Abax Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which helps its users to learn and apply the value investing methodology in Stock Market.

Value Investing is a conventional but evergreen methodology to select those stocks which are trading below their fundamental intrinsic value. Benjamin Graham who is considered the father of value investing suggests buying stocks as if you would buy groceries, i.e. buy when there is a sale going on !

Our Mission

Our mission is to automate the Valuation Process of Stocks based on popular valuation models and to help our customers set their own criteria to choose stocks.

We organise our analysis process in the
following aspects for a company

  • Safety:

    In this section, we try to determine the safety of investment. This, according to us is the most important aspect which should never be ignored. We try to answer the following questions:

    1. Does the company have too much debt?

    2. Is the company finding it difficult to run daily operations ?

    3. Has the company been able to maintain a steady cash-flow over the last few years ?

  • Growth:

    Here, we analyse the historical growth in revenue, profits and dividend of the company. A company which has posted a steady growth in all these parameters over the last 10 years is considered a promising company.

  • Performance :

    Here, we analyse the performance metrics such as Return on Equity, Net Profit Margin, Free Cash Flow etc. over the last few years. A steady performing company is always preferable over a company showing fluctuating performance.

  • Valuation:

    Based on the above 3 aspects and on different parameters, we determine the intrinsic value of the stock based on popular valuation models such as Graham Valuation, EPS Valuation, PE Valuation and DCF Valuation.